As with all my sculptures, the Octopus is signed in melted steel. It is available for sale or lease as of 08/01/18

I have said it many times and it has always come true for the collector of my art work. . ."This is your lucky day".

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The telephones were created from old photos and vacuum cleaner parts and wood working.  This 18 foot wall sculpture was for the lobby of the "Continental Telephone Company".  Alaska, Washington, and Oregon have metal plaques showing the company's working areas. Today's price would be around $6,500.00.   

An Octopus has several unique parts to its body and their very unusual eyes are always staring at you. Using brass and stainless

steal, I was able to capture their mystery. Thus, my octopus is a hands down able to please all viewers for sure. 

Over a two year period, I made sculptures for the "Sudden Valley Golf and Country Club's" dinning room, cocktail lounge, main lobby area, and several private works for the new homes there. Costs. . .lets talk.

Above is the "work in progress" for the "Dolphin and Octopus" out door sculpture. The dolphin is a steel and cement work as is the big octopus. Part of the detail can be experienced by looking into the knot hole in the piling. . .there is a wolf ell looking back at you.

Below is the finished work located at the entrance to the Bellinghom Public Library". Cost today, around $18,000.00. 

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo above illustrating a magnificent "Bicycle" style steam locomotive. The train tracks are 3 1/2 feet long. Smoke leaves the engine's stack and the wood mounting boards are ringed with steel strapping.  It dresses up the lobby of the "Coldwell Banker" main office in the "Park Place" building, Seattle, Washington.  Costs in today's prices is around $6,500.00. I mount all my sculptures as part of my service. If I can't be there, I include instructions showing it's hanging hardware recommended proceedure.    

In between waiting for concrete and paint to dry, I have started building a 36 inch sculpture of a 1937 Ford tow truck. It's going

to be a beauty and with all my works, a genuine crowd pleaser.   Michael  Anytime 

Above is the lobby of the "Key Bank" in Ferndale, WA.  They wanted a wall sculpture of the Ferndale area. A lease to own price of $900.00 was agreed on, 1970, and the art work was completed and mounted after 35 days of serious work effort. Detailed wall metal scenes like this today cost around $4,500.00. Your price will very according to the size, amount of detail, and viewer impact desired. Well planned and executed art will prick the viewer's spirit, which is good for business and mandatory for one's private art collection.   

The outdoor entrance wall of the "Three Swans" restaurant and lounge. I use a "baked enamel" finish on most of my artworks. Add my 3 dimensional eyes, that look at you where ever you stand, and you have a sculpture with meaningful spirit that looks back at the viewer. A business art work work that makes it difficult for the passerby to forget.  

The moose named "Doodles" lives on a majestic location over looking Washington State's "Puget Sound".

Mounted in steel and concrete, Doodles stands 8 1/2 feet tall and will withstand the high winds that show

up there now and then. A super "crowd pleaser" that radiates - a moose, in the front yard of its owner's

beautiful home. Below is its eye. Doodles is signed on it's hind leg, Michael.

Today, there are many spiral stair kits available. None though are like the one I built for a private home that included the upper floor railings. Heavy duty materials, unique design, and custom fit produce a classic design. I would guess that in today's prices, this kind of work would run around $18,000.00. 

The sculpture above is a condensed art work of the machinery and equipment used to produce large diameter fiberglass piping. I am a retired engineer and building industrial artworks is just as rewarding as constructing the real thing. . .only much easier and interesting. Works like these start at $2,600.00.

What can I say. . .only a "Real" metal sculpture can create the spirit seen above in this private home.

When an order comes in for a truck, train car, or fire engine, building them in the scale shown above is perfect for wall or free standing. The ruler laying on the ground by this 1912 "LaFrance" fire engine is three feet long. Prices for these kinds of works start at $3,500.00. 

Realism is key to creating a metal sculpture that grabs the viewer​'s attention. . . 

The 1910 steam donkey above is shown in its almost complete setting. Mounted on the wall of "Mt Baker Reality's" lobby, it has cedar trees and is about 5 feet wide. Being a smaller wall piece, prices start at $1,800.00. 

The sun is rising over Mt Baker and the Twin Sisters mountain. The fishing boat's net and floats are out in the wavers of Puget Sound. The Richfield Refinery and a farm can be seen. The maple tree sports a bird's nest with three eggs and flowers are growing around its roots. The Covered Bridge's stream and pond has "lily pads" and "horse tails" growing. Mushrooms crowd the roots of the big Cider trees. Yes, a sculpture you can go into. This art piece has worked successfully for over 45 years and is going to keep doing so for hundreds of more years. "Leasing to own" has major tax advantages which are a huge concern for small and large businesses.   

I made my first old sailing ship in the YMCA shop, 1953. . .it was 4 feet long from cardboard. The instructor was amazed. Above and below here are two more of my 4 foot old sailing ships. I'm sort of like ???? in the movie, "l l l ll". He just had to make that tower mountain and I just have to make sailing ships. Fact is, I can't wait for my next commission for one.

                                     Below are the sculptures I am working on this year, 2018. . .

A private wall sculpture for a person who loves sailing their boats. Early in my career, they got a bargain.  The contrast between the cheap sofa and expensive wall piece is striking. 

Thank you for looking around. Feel free to email me anytime, Michael 

Above, is the drawing for a proposed outdoor sculpture for a city, casino, or corporation. Depending on the choice of materials, it will cost around $45,000.00 plus installation costs. . .a bargain for its size.

There are many pictures of metal sculpture art for you to look over on the pages here, Relax for a few moments and experience ideas for a strong artwork you may want to live with or have on display for your business presence. A powerful artwork denotes quality and strength for you and your customers

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Above, I wanted a big remote control model tugboat for my private collection. I drew up the construction drawings from a picture of a tugboat that I admired and got out my work working tools. I have built several signs, wall plaques, gates, and wood projects for home and business. The "Kathy Sue" above, uses polished stainless steel and copper for it's metal work. Metal and wood make for a healthy art sculpture marriage.  

The octopus above is designed to withstand the rigors of out door mounting. This "Major Crowdpleaser" took into

account special attention making sure that is does not have any faults the will harm children. 

Below is the galvanized steel work ready for applying many coats of special concrete mix and bonding agents.

There are two more links to more of my sculptures at the top of this page, "Unusual Sculptures" and "More Artworks". 
 Again, I hope you enjoyed the art show. And, do feel free to email me any time, Michael 

The larger than life size Heron above is also a kinetic sculpture. It is mounted on a stainless steel bearing and turns in the wind, thus it is never in the same position for long. You may have something similar in mind. Depending on the kind of bird, size, and materials, $2,500.00.  

The Dutch Merchant ship above was commissioned for a private home. Overall length is 36 inches. Notice how this 3Dimension sculpture casts shows, which extenuates the ship being at sea. 15th and 16th century sailing ships of this design and size are available for around $2,600.00. I have built over 40 different sailing ships for wall mounts over the years. The movie, "Treasure Island" in the 40s lit a fire in me to make old sailing ships. The fire still burns bright today.

This wood sculpture of the United States is 8 feet wide, 3 1/2 feet tall, and 5 inches thick. One of my most demanding projects. Its border is "designed metal" applied after the chain sawing, chipping, and sanding. The metal writings are the names of the cities where "Coldwell Banker" has main offices. It decorates the president's office of "Coldwell Banker" and in today's costs, worth over $6,500.00. 

This six foot bird cage hangs in the lobby of the "Sudden Valley" real estate offices.